Anonymous: you're such a beautiful person and honestly the thought of anyone being rude or even a little bit mean to you makes me very angry and i want to beat these people up, they are disgusting and i am very very sorry you are forced to live in this world that's so goddamn gross. keep shining lil bug i love u please be ok

Aww ur so sweet!

Anonymous: don't let him bug you i bet his dick will shrivel up and fall off

I hope so. He was fucking ugly anyway

Anonymous: hi. im sorry youre sad. it will be better in the end.


God I feel so bad right now. Why are people so fucking rude to me? Like this makes me want to fucking die, I’m so tired of being treated like shit because I’m black… Oh my god.


Some dumbass white boy called me a nigger on tinder
I asked why he called me that and why he swiped right and he said ” Because I’m a white man who feels that white should belong back on top where we are meant to be”
Jesus Christ! White people need to fucking chill


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